Pope Francis – Press breaks

Please read the following press break on behalf of POPE FRANCIS – A MAN OF HIS WORD:




CNN INTERNATIONAL / AMANPOUR – MAY 22, 2018: Interview with Wim Wenders


NPR – MAY 20, 2018: Interview with Wim Wenders in “Pope Francis Documentary Filmmaker Reveals A Candid Pontiff” by staff



VOGUE – MAY 21, 2018: Film included in “The 13 Documentaries You Need to See This Summer” by staff



THE WRAP – MAY 20m 2018: Film mentioned in “The Cannes – Oscar Connection: How Strong Will It Be This Year?” by Steve Pond



BIOGRAPHY – MAY 21, 2018: “10 Revealing Facts From ‘Pope Francis: A Man of His Word” by Maria Garcia