Elephant Memories


Produzione : 24 Images / In coproduction with France 5

by Philippe GAUTIER

52 minuti – Célestes images Switzerland



Ojas, a 4 year old girl who lives in a forest in South India amongst elephants. She owes this childhood to her mother, Prajna, an Indian born in Africa, educated in England, who left behind everything in search of her identity close to the roots of her culture, amongst elephants and tribes much like a hermit known in Indian mythology, Palakapya: a story that haunts her. Prajna knows that the environment in which she conceived Ojas will mark her imagination and forge her identity but her duty as a mother also reminds her that she has to prepare her child to confront human society. So, she devotes every instant of her little girl’s childhood to pass on to her the values that guided her in her choices, trying by all means to put off the apprehended moment when they both will have to set out to the very world that Prajna had chosen to leave behind.