Burqa Boxers


directed by Raghuram a documentary 90’, in coproduction with 24 Images (France)

Junoon Pictures USA – 24 IMAGES France – Célestes Images Suisse.



Is a documentary about Muslim women boxers in Kolkata.
In a culture where beauty, delicacy, refinement, and submission are the prized traits to the ultimate feminine, young Muslim girls in Kiddirpur, Kolkata learn boxing at a little club run by Jamil Islam, a former boxer.


Burqa Boxers tells the story of these warriors determined to knock out a few stereotypes. Led by Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian women to coach and be an international referee, it is the story of three young women training for the state amateur boxing championship.



Alka Raghuram is an independent writer/director. She has made three short films—The Ant and The Monkey, Panchali, and Tired of Dancing—as well as the 40-minute documentary Black Waters, a documentary memoir, about the effect of the 2004 tsunami on the people of Andaman and Nicobar islands off the southeast coast of India.