Open Doors Burqa Boxers


Burqa Boxers is a project for a documentary about three young Indian women of Muslim upbringing, who learn the “noble art” of boxing in a Calcutta gym, training for the amateur championship under the guidance of Razia Shabnam, one of the first Indian women to act as trainer and official International umpire.

Developed by independent photographer and filmmaker Alka Raghuram, Indian-born but currently based in Los Angeles, Burqa

Boxers is co-produced by Junoon Pictures, along with 24 IMAGES and Swiss production company Célestes Images. Last year, the subject was awarded by the Open Doors section of the Festival del Film Locarno, and this year a selection of photos from the shoot will be presented in an exhibition at the Cambusa Teatro in Piazza Remo Rossi.

The exhibition, supported by SüdKulturFonds – Artlink and Open Doors, will open on August 2nd at 7pm, and will stay open every day until August 12th.