Burqa Boxers exibition at Locarno film festival 2012

Burqa Boxers represents India at Locarno


The sole Indian representation at the ongoing Locarno film festival is a little known independent film called Burqa Boxers. It is a moving tale of three Muslim women, who take up boxing to overcome poverty, writes Ankur Pathak.


Burqa Boxers, a documentary about three impoverished Muslim girls who take up boxing to earn a living, was introduced at the ongoing Locarno International Film Festival.


The only film to represent India at the festival this year, Burqa Boxers is a Swiss-French co-production backed by Celestes Images, a production house based in Switzerland solely devoted to independent films.


Set in Kolkata, the real life tale of these women and their plight caught the attention of Swiss Italian producer Samanta Gandolfi, who is currently raising funds for the project.